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School & Education

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10 Jun 2021
Required amount

Support the children of our Bwiti village by providing them quality, culturally informed education that is not influenced by outside colonial aims. Your donations will help in numerous ways. We aim to build a quality school that can support all the different age groups and levels. Once the school is finished, we will need to furnish it and gather the necessary supplies. Then we will bring in teachers, consultants, and train local people to staff the school. Once the school is open and working we aim for our water project to support in sustaining the day-to-day costs of staffing and resourcing. 

Banes Ba Dimbu aims to develop a project that aims to invest in the education of girls with the understanding for girls to have access to education is fundamental in the fight against poverty transforming households, communities, and acts as a springboard for greater equality and encouraging female leadership. 

Banes Ba Dimbu also operates a bursary system that provides a small amount of money to the poorest students so they can afford uniforms, stationery, and exercise books, in order to get the most vulnerable children education. 

Donations will continue to support its day-to-day operations like supplies, food, staff, and activities.

We encourage those of you who can, to set up a monthly recurring donation so that we can budget and plan more accurately for each school year.


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