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Drinking Water Well

Campaign date
30 Jun 2021
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Today’s world offers much improved options for clean drinking water that would have a huge impact on the lives of our communities, as our current water options are dated. Most have to walk 5km to collect water for their family from streams and rivers. With pesticides and chemicals being used in the local area by large agricultural and mining businesses we are unsure of the safety of the water.

We are working towards raising money to purchase a truck that will allow the village to drill unlimited boreholes for the people to have access to clean water. Having our own truck will allow us to support neighboring villages as well as allow the community to create a sustainable income by providing sachets of clean water to sell in the city.

 Once completed, this project will have continuous long-lasting benefits and will not require continued investment. The funds not only support a community in becoming safe and healthy but also to support a community in self-sufficiency and sustainably creating employment and livelihoods for people of the village.


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