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Connection to Electricity

Campaign date
31 Jul 2021
Required amount

Unfortunately in Gabon, the government does not supply people with access to electricity. In order for people to begin to use the electricity that is on the nearby lines, they must first get a meter installed which costs several hundred dollars/pounds. 

Electricity is paramount for the communities health to be able to store food safely and supports sanitation. Without electricity people in the community people can become sick from unrefrigerated food and without easy access to hot water. 

Luckily, our Banes Ba Dimbu founder, Moughenda, was able to negotiate a discounted package deal price for a bulk order of these electricity meters. Once we have reached this campaign’s goal of $75,000, we will be able to supply up to 200 electricity meters and the materials needed to connect people’s homes. 


As you can imagine, access to electricity will have a huge impact on the lives of people in the village and will actually save them lots of money that is spent fuelling their generators.

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